Education, training and development (ETD) is a well-established field of study which continues to evolve as the needs of society, the workplace and workforce change with technological developments. Increasingly, South African organisations are realising the importance of investing in the education, training and development of their employees. This is because the country's skills shortage and high unemployment levels result in a high labour turnover. Given the expense of ETD initiatives, it is important for organisations to use a systematic approach in the design and delivery of their ETD interventions. In practising education, training and development in South African organisations, a group of ETD experts guides organisations in the practice of ETD, blending a sound theoretical base with practical twenty-first century applications. The authors have used an outcomes-based approach, and show ETD practitioners how to assess and monitor education, training and development. Practising education, training and development in South African organisations has been written for undergraduate students as well as ETD and HRD practitioners.

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