So what happens when you cannot get a bursary? You will have to find another way to finance your studies.

There are many ways to finance your studies and in this newsletter we shall address some of the way to do this.


Learnerships are Government Funded qualifications and in the Hospitality Industry they are mainly funded by CATH SETA –

Learnerships are usually offered by companies that have applied for funding from CATH SETA and the positions are then advertised. You will work full-time and study part time. The company will allow you time off to study and you receive a stipend (small amount of money) each month to assist with expenses. You will not receive a salary. The Company appoints a training provider to do the training and you will end up with a National Certificate.

Be aware of: The allocation of Learnerships is dependent on companies applying for funding and the funding is done on a quarterly basis. Finding out which companies are offering learnerships is difficult.

In-Service Training

Some of the large groups such as Protea Hotels, Tsogo Sun and Sun International offer in-service programmes. You will have to apply early in the year prior to the start of the training.

For more information on the Protea Hotel In-Service Programme click here.

For more information about the Tsogo Sun In-Service Programme Click here

For more information on the Three Cities In-Service Programme click here

For more information on the Sun International In-Service Programme click here

Part-time studies

Some Private Hotel and Chef schools offer part-time studies. This is probably the most effective way to study so that you do not end up with a large loan to pay back monthly.

For example you may attend school in blocks over the year or a certain amount of days per week.

Ask the school that you are applying to if they offer part time studies and then you can apply for a position in a hotel for the duration of your training which will assist you to pay for your studies.

NASFAS Student Loan

NSFAS is the South African government student loan and bursary scheme. We provide loans and bursaries to students at all 25 public universities and 50 public FET colleges throughout the country.

NSFAS makes it easy for students to repay their study loans, by only asking for payment when you get a job.

Be aware of: The closing date for NASFAS loans is about October each year so you need to apply in good time for your student loan. nasfas NASFAS only provides loans to students enrolling in government institutions such as FET Colleges, Universities of Technology and University.


We offer financing for all levels of tuition, outstanding balances, registration fees and study related items like textbooks, accommodation, laptops, tablets and other relevant study equipment.

Be aware of: You will need a sponsor to stand surety for your loan and this person is required to have full time employment and produce a salary (pay) slip to this effect.


Major Banks offer loans to students. ABSA, Standard Bank and First  National Bank all have student loan facilities.

The loan facilities for students vary from bank to bank, some only asking for interest payment until you have completed your studies.

Be aware of: Banks make money out of lending. Make sure that you can afford the monthly repayments to the bank. You can go to any of the banks websites and calculate how much you will pay back each month on your loan.

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